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Canucks Terrible Mistake Will Cost Them to Trade a Top Player

Published January 30, 2024 at 3:34 PM
According to an insider, the Vancouver Canucks are currently thinking about trading their recent acquisition, Nikita Zadorov, after concerns emerged about his relationship with the rest of the locker room.

Canucks Considering to Trade Zadorov After Worrying Dynamics in the Locker Room


The Canucks are finally where they want to. After years of rebuilding, they showed that they one of the top teams in the NHL, currently sit at the 1st rank in the Pacific Division.

As they prepare for what they hope to be a long playoff run. a major rumour emerged about Nikita Zadorov, the defenseman acquired by the Canucks during the season from the Calgary Flames in return for a third round pick.

It was suggested that Zadorov isn't fitting well in the locker room.

"You're starting to hear the odd thing, I'm wonder how happy they are with him and I don't mean just on the ice. I'm wondering how he's meshing in that room...I'm not so sure there's a mesh there right now"

Canucks to Already Retrade Zadorov?


The Canucks acquired Zadorov with the hope of adding a physical presence to their defensive unit. Since joining the team, Zadorov has mainly played on the third defensive pairing and has scored only 4 assists in the 24 games he's played.
However, he has an impressive +6 goal differential.

Highly unlikely the #Canucks trade Zadorov unless they find a home run deal that makes them better. They acquired him for his size and snarl in a playoff run.

If he's not a fit inside the room, you simply let him walk, which is fine. Didn't surrender big assets to acquire him.

If they decide to move on from Zadorov, the Canucks would be in a position to get another top player to help them be successful in the playoffs.

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Canucks Terrible Mistake Will Cost Them to Trade a Top Player

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