BREAKING: Milan Lucic's Official Crimes Revealed by Police

Published November 20, 2023 at 10h04
Milan Lucic, the Boston Bruins forward, is facing legal issues as he appears in court for an arraignment today, with specific charges now disclosed.

Lucic's Charges Unveiled Following Weekend Arrest

Suffolk County police have charged Lucic with assault and battery, as reported by WCVB.

"The District Attorney has confirmed Lucic is charged with assault and battery on a family member. He will be arraigned Monday in Boston Municipal Court."

In Massachusetts, unlike most states where a misdemeanor carries a maximum one-year jail term, the sentence can extend up to two and a half years. However, jail time for Lucic, if convicted, depends on the judge's decision.

Boston Bruins' Lucic Charged: Detailed Report

The incident leading to the charges occurred over the weekend. Lucic's wife called 9-1-1 early Saturday, alleging that Lucic had attacked and choked her. When the police arrived, they reportedly found Lucic intoxicated. His indefinite leave from the Bruins puts his career at risk, especially if the allegations are substantiated in court.

Source: WCVB News
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BREAKING: Milan Lucic's Official Crimes Revealed by Police

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