Cole Perfetti was in the middle of major drama between Winnipeg and Minnesota.
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BREAKING: Cole Perfetti Reveals His Opponents Placed A Bounty On Him

Published January 2, 2024 at 2:20 PM
Recently, the Winnipeg Jets and Minnesota Wild faced off in back-to-back games, and unsurprisingly, the division rivalry brought out the intensity and the drama in these encounters.

Cole Perfetti intentionally injured by Ryan Hartman

After a collision between Brendon Dillon and Kiril Kaprizov a day earlier, it came as no surprise that retaliation was coming, and it resulted in a high-stick from Hartman on the young Cole Perfetti.

Wow. #mnwild F Ryan Hartman flat out told #NHLJets Cole Perfetti he deliberately high-sticked him in the face as payback for the Brenden Dillon/Kirill Kaprizov play a day earlier.

Source: Cole Perfetti, just now, AND the microphone he was wearing in game that caught it all.

Unfortunately for Hartman, when he told Perfetti that it was an intentional act as payback, it was all caught on microphone, and with more matchups this season, we could see much more of this.

After the game, Head Coach Rick Bowness revealed that Perfetti kept that all to himself, and if he had told anyone on the bench about it, things could have gotten much, much worse.

#NHLJets coach Rick Bowness just told me Cole Perfetti kept Ryan Hartman's comments about deliberate high-stick to himself until after the game. Bowness says it would have been dealt with much differently had the team known during the game.

While anyone could have been the target of the Wild's rage, it ended up being the youngster Perfetti, so next time these two teams meet, it's hard not to see this escalating further.

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BREAKING: Cole Perfetti Reveals His Opponents Placed A Bounty On Him

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